VETTS Tournament Entry Forms

Well, that is one down, one entry just closed and one entry open. VETTS Masters are like buses...none for over a year and three come along at once (OK - not exactly however you get the idea)

Please see below for the entry forms for VETTS Eastern Masters being held November 2021

VETTS Eastern Masters (Word)

VETTS Eastern Masters (pdf)

Many thanks to all of you (players, volunteers, officials) who took part at VETTS North Eastern Masters. Truly a wonderful response in still some difficult and unsettling times for many. Again thanks to everyone who is supporting us at VETTS Midland Masters.

The entry has now closed for the Midland Masters, however entry forms below for reference

VETTS Midland Masters (Word) (Entry Closed)

VETTS Midland Masters (pdf) (Entry Closed)


On behalf of the committee, we look forward to seeing you there...until then stay safe!