Sunday Groups of 3 - Survey Findings & Next Steps

Strong mandate from the men for the format to continue. Undecided from the ladies. Read on......

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VETTS North West Masters 2022

Happy New Year! Entry now available for this event.

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Happy Christmas to you all

To our friends in VETTS Table Tennis, may we wish you all a relaxing and healthy Christmas. We remain hopeful and optimistic that we can continue to meet old friends and play the sport we love in 2022. Warmest regards, Jan

VETTS Southern Masters - February 2022

Entry now available for Southern Masters.

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Latest Rankings

Latest rankings after Eastern Masters 2021 now available here.

VETTS Midland Masters - Awards

A few awards for some very worthy winnners...

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VETTS Midland Masters - Photos

Follow the link to some excellent photos once again by Mike Rhodes Mike Rhodes - Flickr

VETTS North West Masters 2022

Preston Legacy International Hotel infomation...

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