Veterans' International Event Calendar

Updated September 2023

*)  = new or altered since previous issue!


The calendar is available on, section Swaythling Club and updated 

every two months. It can also be requested from


In order to keep the calendar updated, please send information about additional

open veterans events to the email address mentioned above.




Sep 1-3       Haapsalu, Estonia               

                   Estonian Veteran Open


Sep 2-3       Sunderland, England          

                   Vetts North Eastern Masters


Sep 24-29   Antalya, Turkey                  

                   29th int. veterans tournament


Oct 14-15   Wolverhampton, England  

                   Vetts Midland Masters


Oct 14-15   Albena, Bulgaria                 

                   10th int. tournament Albena


Nov 3-5      Gothenburg, Sweden          

                   43rd Ifo Veteran Open       


Nov 11-12  Norwich, England               

                   Vetts Eastern Masters


Nov 25-26  Riga, Latvia                         

                   Riga & Latvia XX1 Vet. Open


Dec 13-17  Bangkok, Thailand             ,

                   14th Asian (Pacific) Open             danielwu­

                   Veteran Championship      




Feb 03-04  Crawley, England                

                    VETTS Southern Masters 


Mar 16-17 Preston, England                

                    VETTS North West Masters


Apr 06-07  Thornbury, England          

                    VETTS Western Masters   


May 11-12 Wolverhampton, England

                    VETTS Nationals                 


Apr 19-21  Helsinki, Finland

                   North European Veteran

                   Championships (closed)


May 13-14 Stockholm, Sweden             

*)                2nd Stockholm Veteran Open


Jun 15-16  Trier, Germany                   

*)                68th int. veterans tournament      


July 6-14    Rome, Italy                          

                   World Masters Championships

                   (former World Veteran



TBD           Belgrad, Serbia

                   16th European Veteran




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