VETTS Diaries

The new style diaries are being posted out.

I have posted the VETTS diaries to everyone who has paid their £5. They should be with you by Monday or Tuesday, depending on Royal Mail! Please see images below.

From the survey, I have a list of people who indicated that they were interested, but haven't yet paid. I will be messaging / e mailing you to check if you are still interested and explaining how to pay. I will then cross check the 'maybes'. If everyone confirms they want one, then we will have exhausted the 100.

Brian and I have bought one, so we, like you will be doing the usability test . I am sure the eagle eyed amongst you may spot the odd typo, but hopefully not too many.

The diary is intended to be a celebration of the VETTS, as well as a diary. Enjoy.

Warmest regards, Jan

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