VETTS Diaries

A new style of the VETTS Diary will be available at the start of September.

 For those of you who have expressed an interest in buying a VETTS diary, as announced at the AGM we are ordering 100 copies which are with the printer as we speak. The price will be £5 inclusive of any postage. We will be e mailing everyone who said yes to the diary in the recent survey. If you didn't respond, but would like one, please contact Jan Johns on

Rationale as announced at the AGM:

Last year we made the difficult decision to not issue a diary. Whilst some people love the diary, others don’t use them, preferring on-line calendars. This means that every year we have a large surplus of diaries and incur unnecessary expense. We issued a survey via our Website and FB Page, proposing a potential option of purchasing diaries and asking for input. Based on feedback received, we decided to order 100 copies.

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