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We need your input - please help by completing the survey.

Link to VETTS Diary Survey - please read paragraphs below first

Due to Covid last year, we made the difficult decision to not issue a diary. We have been discussing our options for the forthcoming season. Whilst some people love the diary, others don’t use them, preferring on-line calendars. This means that every year we have a large surplus of diaries and incur unnecessary expense.

We are happy to produce diaries and have worked with a printing company to modernise the design, making it more of a celebration and annual memento of the previous season. To inform our decision, we would like your views. Ideally, the responses should be restricted to the VETTS Membership but we feel that our FB and Website community will provide a good sounding board. If you know VETTS supporters who do not use FB nor access the Website, please feel free to talk to them and answer on their behalf.

The link above takes you to the survey and will take a couple of minutes to complete, and we automatically capture responses. Please help us by completing the survey.  Thank you.


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