Biennial International Team Event (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Organisers have reluctantly decided to postpone the event.

We have received notification that due to the "severe and restrictive measures related to the pandemic, travel difficulties and the situation in Bulgaria, Europe and around the world" the organisers have decided to postpone the championship in Albena until 2022.

Just to provide feedback, due to the current level of uncertainty, we received only 2 expressions of interest for the event from VETTS members.

Original post below:

26-29 August 2021 is still in the diary for the biennial International Team Event, which started in 2005 with a match between Der Club and the VETTS.  The organisers have asked if VETTS could commit to sending teams for this event, which is due to be held in Albena, Bulgaria.  (Teams cover 40s to O75s).  The VETTS Exec have reluctantly replied to say that we cannot commit to sending teams.  Our concern relates to uncertainty about travel & quarantine restrictions, vaccinations and insurance cover, plus the fact that many VETTS will be booking family holidays when allowed to do so.  We also felt that we needed to give sufficient notice to the organisers, as they have to liaise with sponsors, hotels and venues.  That said, we volunteered to share information about the event with our members on FB and our Website, in case players are keen to enter.  At the moment, we are unsure whether the event will still take place as other countries and federations are being surveyed to ask about their desire to play. 

So I have a request:  On the assumption that the event goes ahead, and if you are an English VETT, interested in playing, can you let Sandra Rider know (Contact details below).  Sandra Rider has kindly volunteered to compile a central list of interested players, so that you and the organisers can see whether there are sufficient players to form teams.  We must stress that we are not selecting players as we would normally do for these events, but are keen to offer this central co-ordinating service for our members.  Players would have to enter as individuals, rather than through the VETTS.

In addition, our travel partner Jane Sheffield, has volunteered to act as advisor and booking agent for groups and individuals who wish to travel. This advice would be offered in her capacity as an independent agent of Travel Counsellors i.e. This is not a VETTS "underwritten/sponsored" service.

Contact details are: 

Sandra Rider:

Jane Sheffield:

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