Home Nations & Ranking Points

Unearthing the mystery surrounding ranking points from Home Nations events...

A couple of our players from the last Home Nations Veterans tournament in Perth, Scotland, have raised an issue regarding rating points and this event.

Table Tennis England and VETTS Committee have done some digging into this. In summary, an incomplete set of results were submitted, which amounted to some results being correct, others being wrong, and some missing.

Historically, these have only included the O/40s results. The VETTS own O/50s+ list is effectively a 'closed' ranking list so we cannot compute players who are not in the VETTS system.

The TTE ranking list does have a facility to include none TTE players as there are reciprocal agreements with other national governing bodies - provided the players national IDs are submitted and they are 'trackable' on TTE's system.

Anyway, to cut a very long story short, this seems to have created an anomaly - and more importantly - led to an incorrect and incomplete set of results being fed into TTE's ranking lists. To try to correct this - and to include them going forward, would be an administrative nightmare - and probably too far for us. Plus it would raise other considerations about it, relating to where it sits.

As a result, we have agreed with TTE that all results - correct and incorrect - relating to the Home Nations will be removed from the system for the next (March 2020) TTE ranking run. It will also have a knock-on effects on results which were 'judged' against incorrect rankings - but it will be more accurate than it currently is.

We'll look at it again, but it seems the best way is to treat this event as a 'friendly international', as we do the IVTTS - and make it devoid of ranking points for all age categories.

It has also raised the question about what happens to ranking points with the EVC and WVC, as they do have ETTU and ITTF status.


The VETTS Committee has this on its agenda for the next Committee meeting - and we'll report back.

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