WVC 2020 - Bordeaux - Travel Update!!!

PLEASE READ - The last announcement from WVC 2020 makes for somewhat frustrating reading...

Hello everyone ! ⚠️ Due to the Africa-France Summit, which will attended by 54 International Heads of State. The Bordeaux Merignac Airport will be closed to all commercial flights on Thursday June 4 and Saturday June 6. There is also a risk that the airport might not be operating fully on Friday June 5. We suggest that you arrive by train or other mode of ground transportation, or arrive on Sunday June 7 or prior to Thursday June 4. If you have already booked air transportation that is supposed to arrive on June 4-6, we suggest that you contact your airline or travel agency. #closed #airport

From what we have established over the last 24 hours, the airlines seem to know little about this...I guess more to follow in due course!

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