VETTS Eastern Masters

Message from Tournament Referee - Kim Mudge

For those at the Eastern.

There have been problems with the 40s ratings (not directly TTEs fault before you all jump), an issue re a VETTS ID and scratches due to illness.
- These have caused seeding issues throughout most of the draws. 😥😥

Given the work I have to do to get to the stage of issuing the draw for review - ie not playing same player twice and not in a group of 3 twice etc this has meant that I am severely up against it.

50s were first at the Midland
- VETTS always rotate 50s and 60s starting each tournament first.

Also, as directed by VETTS
- If 60s are first and there are spare tables, then 40s fill the schedule(if 50s are first then 70s fill the spare tables)

So for now here are the high level times....
- ALL 60s groups are 1st PLUS W40's have 3 groups at 8.45am check in.

- There is 1 W40s group at 10am(im emailing them as soon as i can).

- The other 4 W40s groups and all M40s will start no earlier than 11am.
- PLUS, ALL 70s groups will start no earlier than 11am(ie there are a couple of groups at 12/1pm.

- All 50s and 80s will start no earlier than 1pm ie there will be some starting at 3pm too.

I hope this helps as a marker..

Kim Mudge - Referee

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