North Eastern & Midland Masters

Looking ahead optimistically to the 2021 2022 Season.

Both our venues in Sunderland and Wolverhampton have confirmed our bookings for 4/5 September and 9/10 October respectively. At this stage, we can’t confirm the precise format of the event e.g. Our normal format or a Ratings per age category. This will depend on restrictions and protocols that are announced in the summer. We will do everything we can to find solutions to the challenges that arise.

With regard to Sunderland, Shirley has been checking accommodation. Apparently, there is a large rugby event in Newcastle that weekend, and the Hilton Garden Inn is either full or charging exorbitant prices. We strongly suggest that you book your accommodation ASAP, but please do so on a flexible basis. Given our experience over the last 12 months, there are no guarantees, as I am sure you understand.

We are looking into hotels for the Midland.

On a more disappointing note, we have cancelled the July Ratings as it was unclear as to whether we could get the venue. But you will see in our forthcoming newsletter that we are considering some other options.

Onwards and upwards. 

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