VETTS Committee (2016-17)
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VETTS Committee

A VETTS Committee Meeting
Sunday 12th November 2016, Crewe, Cheshire.
L to R - Andy Eagles, Chris Pickard, John Millward
Doreen Schofield, Sue Collier, Jan Johns, Kim Mudge, Kim Johnson
Denise McEvoy, Sandra Rider, Lynda Reid, Lorraine Williams

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Contact Details
The following are the seven members of the Executive Committee
(1) President
John Hilton
(2) Chairman
Jan Johns (Photo)
(Mob. 07884-310209)
(3) Deputy Chairman
Susie Hughes
(4) General Secretary
Lorraine Williams
(5) Membership Secretary
Norma Millward
(30 Abbey Road, West Moors, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 OAX)
(Tel. 01202-890032)
(6) Treasurer
John Millward
(7) 200 Club Secretary
Sue Collier
The following are other members of the Committee
Newsletter Editor
Susie Hughes
Press and Publicity
Ron Langheim
(Tel. 01784-244563)
Promotions & Prizes
Lorraine Williams/Denise McEvoy
Social Sub-Committee Team Lead
Jan Johns
International Coordinator
John Hook
Table Tennis England
Jan Johns
VETTS International Team Administrator
Sandra Rider (Photo)
(Tel. 0113-2574368)
VETTS Ranking Coordinator
Phil Snelson
Website Administrator
John Fairweather
The following are the Tournament Organisers (TO)
Tournaments Sub-Committee Team Leads
Jan Johns/Andy Eagles/Susie Hughes
Northern Representative (TO)
Susie Hughes
Eastern Representative (TO)
Shaun Parsley
Midland Representative (TO)
Jan Johns
North-Eastern Representative (TO)
Shirley Gelder
Western Representative (TO)
Andy Elliott
Southern Representative (TO)
Marjorie Dawson
Nationals Representative (TO)
Kim Mudge